Directions to Liming

Barbados to Bequia;

Passengers in transit landing in Barbados should proceed to the doors marked ‘Connecting Flights’ –there will be a Grenadine Airways/SVG Air representative standing in front of the immigration hall with a board full of names, present yourself and you will be escorted to the check-in counter. Despite not staying in Barbados, you will be required to present a completed immigration / customs form at the transit check in.

Please enquire on the Barbados to Bequia transfer. Either with SVGAIR shared charter or private with Mustique Airways which are bookable via the hotel.

Barbados to Bequia via St Vincent;

On arriving in Barbados, proceed to the immigration hall and join the ‘in transit' lane on the far right, pick up your luggage & clear customs, you will exit the airport building. Turn right and walk towards the check-in area, LIAT’s is located at the far end of the check in hall (past British Airways).

From St Vincent; The most common way to travel to Bequia from St Vincent is by ferry. There is a scheduled service back and forth. Tickets are bought on deck and cost $25ec per person. Luggage can be stored in the hold at no extra charge. This service take approximately 1 hour. 

St. Lucia to Bequia;

On arriving in St. Lucia, proceed to the immigration hall, Despite not staying in St Lucia, you will be required to present a completed immigration / customs form and go through immigration. Collect your luggage and proceed to arrivals where you check in on your SVGAIR flight onward to Bequia. As SVGAIR is a scheduled shuttle flight service that makes regular stops to the islands throughout St Vincent and the Grenadines, you may stop at an island before Bequia.

About the Area

Bequia is a small island, measuring 7 square miles with a population of approximately 4,300. The native population are primarily a mixture of people of African, Scottish and Island Carib descent.

The island capital, Port Elizabeth, which hosts the ferry terminal, shopping and tourism centre is a busy hub with stalls selling fruit, vegetables and local crafts. Other prominent areas of Bequia include Spring, the site of a former coconut plantation and home to agricultural animals, Industry Bay and Park Bay, where the Old Hegg Turtle Sanctuary is located.

One of the most beautiful and secluded islands within the Grenadines with peaceful and secluded white sand beaches with extraordinary panoramic vistas, it is a true hideaway island, hidden from the tourist’s radar yet with numerous exciting and different activities available. Princess Margaret, who had a home on nearby Mustique, visited Bequia and had a beach named in her honour. Princess Margaret Beach is next to Port Elizabeth and is situated inside Admiralty Bay on the west coast.

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