The Beaches

The Grenadines islands are world renowned for having the most beautiful beaches, and Bequia certainly lives up to this. Both Princess Margaret Beach and Lower Bay are not to be missed. Both can now be reached on foot by the new Belmont Walkway from Port Elizabeth.

Hikes & walks

Mount Pleasant

'Mount Peggy', is Bequia's highest point with beautiful, unobtrusive views of Bequia from up above. Walk from the hotel across towards La Pompe, where you will learn about the history of the whaling industry in Bequia. The climb up to Mount Peggy involves trekking through different vegetation zones, including travelling through open pastures, dry scrub bush and finally dry tropical forest to reach the spectacular view at the summit, known locally as Peggy's Rock.

Bequia Head

Bequia Head is at the complete opposite side of the island to The Liming. This hike begins under the Almond Tree in Port Elizabeth. Then walk on the road past Spring, Industry and Park beaches, before entering the stone work quarry. Following the old smugglers trail towards Bequia Head.

On the way to Bequia Head you will look down to L'Anse Chemin the original landing site of the first Europeans to settle on Bequia, see cinnamon and gum trees, and wild orchids growing on bare rock!

Bequia Head offers a stunning view from almost 600 feet above sea level across the Bequia Channel to St. Vincent. The return journey brings us back to the quarry at Park and onto Industry Beach where hikers can lunch at the Crescent Bay Bar & Restaurant. Hikers often choose to relax at this venue for the afternoon, before walking or catching a taxi back to Port Elizabeth.

Yacht Charter

Friendship Rose Sailing Schooner

Sail in an historic trading Schooner to the beautiful & uninhabited islands of the Grenadines. This relaxing day trip is filled with snorkelling and watching out for flying fish, turtles, dolphins and whales.

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Turtle Sanctuary

Local fisherman, Orton ‘Brother’ King, constructed this sanctuary in an effort to preserve the hawksbill turtle. The centre is open to the public with a small donation as a entry fee.

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Dive Bequia

Bequia is surrounded by a fringing coral reef teeming with diverse aquatic life. It is complimented by four sunken wrecks and lots of swim-throughs. With 24 dive sites to explore it’s the diver's perfect dream. 

Located beside the Gingerbread Hotel, it is convenient for yachting divers and centrally located for land based travellers. You can tie up your dinghy at our dive dock or they will collect you from the beaches in Admiralty Bay.

They operate two very spacious 30' custom-built dive boats, shaded by full awnings to keep you out of the sun and drop-in water ladders for easy exits.  

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Hamilton Fort

The remains of Hamilton Fort in Bequia provide a fantastic view over Admiralty Bay towards Port Elizabeth and Princes Margaret Beach. The old fort lies to the north of Admiralty Bay and was built in the late 18th Century by the French who fortified the site to protect the harbour approach from the English. 

Little now remains of the original gun battery except for a few French and English cannon which have been re-mounted here. The cannon are among many guns salvaged from the waters around Bequia. The walk from Port Elizabeth is made worthwhile by the amazing views. 

Deep Sea Fishing

With excellent conditions and natural unused oceans, Deep Sea Fishing from Bequia is every keen fisher's delight. Tuna, blue marlin, kingfish, barracuda sailfish, spearfish, wahoo and dorado are all within easy reach. 

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