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Bequia, St Vincent & The Grenadines

The Liming

Liming, definition: 'The Art of Doing Nothing'

Discover a new concept of relaxation on the Island in the Clouds, Bequia (Bek-way).

Channel pure escapism in our range of meticulously designed one, two, four and five-bedroom villas, with each space gifting exquisite vistas while retaining the privacy afforded by an exclusive Caribbean island. 

Pour over the sweeping views of the ocean from your private infinity pool, immersing yourself among the colours of the Caribbean by day and discovering a window to starry skies unspoiled by electric lights by night.

Doing nothing is an art form in Bequia, and it’s our philosophy at The Liming. Each decision we have taken has been carefully considered to heighten your state of relaxation, optimising your time with us and leaving you free to indulge in a little nothing. 

Our Luxurious Five Bedroom Mansion House ‘Gingerlily’ is available now, please book here »

The Liming, Bequia Resort opens 15th November 2018


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